Advanced QGIS Training

Thank you to Steve and Ian from MapAction for providing this training. You can access the materials by following these steps

1) Download QGIS onto your laptop. 

QGIS for Windows: here 
QGIS for Mac: here

We will be using QGIS 3.22 during the course

2) Sign-up to the Google Classroom here

You will require a Google email – let us know if you have any issues accessing the classroom. Google Classroom contains all of the material for the course including presentations, data and practicals. 

3) Once logged into Google Classroom, download the course data.

Course data can be found in the data section of the classroom and you will be required to download a number of Zip files.

This data will support the practicals throughout the training course. 

You can also access the feedback after the scenario here and here